Paintings By Marlena Campbell
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Marlena Cambell - Portrait

Marlena Campbell

California artist Marlena Campbell's award winning flora and fauna works have been featured in exhibitions in upscale galleries throughout the country. Marlena's passion for painting landscapes and her enthusiasm for truly seeing the essence of life throughout a diverse selection of settings remains the inspiration for her work today.

In the area of portrait painting, Marlena focuses on the wonderment of the human experience, particularly childhood. Her goal remains to capture the diverse and highly individual personalities of children in the most candid, personal, intimate and cherished way possible.

In addition to painting, Marlena is a collector of art and antiques. She collects 19th century paintings, antique furnishings/accessories and art museum and artist books from around the world.

Born in Santa Monica on the day U.S. astronauts first walked on the moon, Marlena grew up in Pacific Palisades and currently lives in Woodland Hills. She holds a variety of degrees, including a BA in History from Tulane University (concentrations in the High Roman Empire and Victorian England), and an MBA (concentration in Marketing) from Pepperdine University.

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